Winter Wonderland – Christmas Carols

Winter Wonderland – Christmas Carols Here we have the lyrics for yet another famous Christmas carols, Winter Wonderland. It has truly become one of the favorite carols for the holiday season, although it has no mention of the holidays in it. Originally sung in the 1930s, it has been reinvented hundreds of times and has even… Read More »

Feliz Navidad – Christmas Carols

Feliz Navidad – Christmas Carols Here is the Christmas carol on Feliz Navidad. This song is probably one of the most recorded and played christmas carols across the world. This is because it is applicable to both English and Spanish audience. Originally J. Feleciano wrote and sung this song. And furthermore, a lot of famous artists… Read More »

Christmas carols – Away in a Manger

Away in a manger – Christmas carols One of the Christmas carols – Away in a manger was first published in 19th century and ever since then it’s been used widely in the English-speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia, etc., Especially, in the UK it is among the top 3 most famous christmas carols among the… Read More »

5 interesting facts about Ireland

  Before the famine in 1841 the population of Ireland was 6.5 million people. Today the population is 4.5 million people Another word for irelnd is the Emerald isle, owing to the country’s rich greenery Only reptile that is found in the whole of Ireland is lizard, not even a single snake exist in Ireland… Read More »